Holistic Elder Services

We provide answers and sound options for taking care of an aging loved one or parent in a time of uncertainty, confusion and transition through

Assessment – we conduct a professional assessment of your loved one’s condition – physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Planning – with you, we prepare a healthcare plan that brings comfort and peace of mind to all. We work as part of your team with attorneys, financial advisors, CPA’s, etc.

Problem solving – we resolve problems by priority, one by one.

Education and coordination – we navigate the health care maze, coordinating your loved one’s care with doctors, dentist, chiropractor, pharmacy, social services, government entities, insurance companies, residence staff, and others.

Advocacy – we ask the right questions of health care providers, making you and your loved one aware of options to improve quality of life.

Family caregiver coaching – we keep all informed. We make recommendations that relieve stress and worry, save time and money.

Help to restore, maintain and improve the quality of life for an aging loved one
We look at the aging process from an empowerment, not a diminishment perspective. For example, we may recommend more attractive and often beneficial alternative healing methods like massage, Reiki (better known as palm or hands-on healing), music and pet therapies.

We help seniors achieve their functional potential and independence
We focus on wellness, not on limitations. Each client is unique. Each deserves individual attention. Each client’s abilities and competencies present opportunities to achieve a better quality of life. Our advocacy promotes continuity of care, helping seniors gain strength and confidence.


"I can finally take a deep breath and relax, now that my mother is in the right place. I am pleased."

"Thank you for all that you have done to help my grandmother and my family."

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Karen Wolfrom MSA, RNC, CMC

Karen Wolfrom MSA, RNC, CMC

Karen Wolfrom MSA, RNC, CMC is President of Holistic Elder Services. She is a registered nurse certified in gerontology with more than 20 years of service to seniors and their loved ones. She is a professional level member of the Aging Life Care Association. Holistic Elder Services’ mission is to provide guidance and support for seniors and their loved ones, to save time, money and anxiety.

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