Seeds of Hope

Our Chronic Condition Support Group

This group will meet to inform, share, and encourage those age 60+ who have a chronic condition, or those who care for someone who has a chronic condition. Our purpose is to help with self-management using creative, practical strategies to nurture mind, body, and spirit. We will provide a safe place for listening to concerns and for expressing needs.

“Seeds of Hope”

What do we want to grow?
Encouragement, education, support, strength, healthy coping, honesty, openness

What needs to be weeded out?
Loneliness, depression, anxiety, overwhelming feelings, fear, fatigue

1-3 p.m., second Thursday of each month
March 2019 meeting will be 3rd Thursday 3/21

Grace Lutheran Church
1245 Sixth Ave W.
Hendersonville, NC 28739
(828) 693-4890


Karen Wolfrom – MSA, RNC, CMC – (484) 459-3118
Vicki Marthaler, Chaplain – (218) 849-5683

Together, over 30 years of combined experience helping seniors and their loved ones.

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