Holistic Elder Services Help, Empower, Support Change caring for an aging loved one from overwhelming to gratifying

Aging Life Care Consultants Offer a Unique, Personalized Service

Aging Life Care Consultants (formerly Professional Geriatric Care Managers) help seniors and their loved ones who are struggling with serious issues. Chronic diseases, injuries from falls, decreased cognitive function, alcoholism, hoarding, depression, inadequate hygiene, poor nutrition, decreased socialization, and limited finances affect quality of life. Aging Life Care Consultants (ALCs) provide a lifeline to seniors who may not meet the criteria for government programs, can’t access reliable information on the Internet, or have no one to advocate for them when they are ill. Ideally, an ALC may help with proactive planning, working with financial advisors, CPAs, and elder law attorneys to get finances and legal documents in order. Often ALCs need to find a solution in a crisis, such as with facility placement or elder abuse. Well-meaning family, friends, and neighbors may lack the time, energy and expertise to effectively problem-solve for a frail senior. The lack of a comprehensive plan and a systematic strategy to execute the plan may undermine the best efforts of family, friends, and neighbors to keep a senior safe and content. After a thorough assessment, the Aging Life Care Consultant creates a plan to identify resources, to solidify the caring team, to provide guidance, and to offer emotional support. Continue reading