Why may an Aging Life Care Consultant be Needed?

Most of us believe that we will be young and in control of our health, finances and welfare forever. This rather healthy delusion allows us to focus on day-to-day priorities. However, as time passes and with the normal aging process, we may lose our capacity to make sound judgements that foster quality of life for ourselves and for those who care about us (relatives, friends, etc.) and those who may depend upon us (children, pets).

Proactive planning enables us to make informed decisions free from stress. If a crisis occurs, we are then prepared with an action plan, based on the documented choices. Selecting between a few possible options becomes easier than trying to solve a very big puzzle with scattered pieces.

Before we become mentally, spiritually, or physically frail, trusted advisors should be chosen. A potential network of people and organizations who stand ready to help should be in place. We all need some help from time to time. Acceptance of help, from those who care about us, remains a huge challenge for many since our culture promotes independence and self-sufficiency.

As unique children of God, we have different expectations, desires and needs. We should respect and honor ourselves and others as we cope with successful aging.